There was a God who is called Poseidon as known as King of the ocean in ancient Greek mythology. Poseidon had governed heaven and earth with his younger brother, Zeus. After past few years, he became King of ocean.
 There was a queen who administered a country named Amphitrite.
She was the wisest and most beautiful queen among all of Gods.

 One day, Poseidon found Amphitrite by chance when she was dancing with her sister,
Nereids at Naxos and he fell in love with her because of her fascinating appearance when dancing.
 Poseidon forcefully asked Amphitrite to marry one but she rejected his proposal.
She brushed his hand away and she went undercover in the deepest ocean.However, Poseidon could not give up getting her.He could not find her after all wherever he has been looking at her for ages. He was depressed.
 A dolphin which is one of his minions finally found her at a temple of the deepest ocean.Poseidon quickly came over her and to make a marriage proposal.Amphitrite was impressed by his devotion and accepted him at the end.

 Our Brand name, ATRITENA means the woman like Amphitrite.You can be like her who is beautiful, wisely,high personage and being proud.ATRITENA contains a wish which you will be covered in true love like Poseidon and Amphitrite and we wish you will be achieved eternal happiness.