Best quality of ingredients is chosen by ATRITENA

ATRITENA is a deep-sea treasure

From the great treasures of the sea, we found the highest quality of raw materials at the end of the research in an unexpected journey.
Give your skin pure energy, four powerful ingredients can trigger to be caused skin's time slip.


Proteoglycan is said to have 1.3 times the moisturizing power compare to hyaluronic acid. It is a groundbreaking beauty ingredient
that natural EGF action is expected.
It holds plenty of moisture, bringing a brightness and firmness to the skin.
ATRITENA selected a net domestic proteoglycan extracted from salmon nose cartilage comes from Hokkaido.
With its own high-speed rotation separation technology, it boasts the industry's highest purity of more than 90% without using any solvent.
By concentrating the active ingredient, it permeates the skin smoothly and gives the pleasure and impression.


The water selected by ATRITENA is the deep sea water sampled from the deep sea of more than 300 m in Toyama Bay.
With a special ion exchange electro dialyzer, we can remove salt without heat.
Concentrated mineral of deep sea water and balanced by adding Northern Alps' s melting water,
natural beautiful water containing plenty of nutrients in both sea and mountains.
It was formulated to make it feel smooth and gentle skin feeling free from sticky.
It is familiar to the skin because of almost the same mineral composition as human body fluid.
It delivers the active ingredients which contained in the serum, cream etc. to be used together firmly to the skin.


Raw collagen is a type of protein that has the same triple helical structure as human skin.
Raw collagen has characteristics that bind strongly to water molecules, since it can provide moisture to the skin for a long time and keep fine texture.
The raw collagen selected by ATRITENA is the finest collagen made from sea bream and tuna.
As a result of repeating original raw material test, we found that by combining raw collagen made from sea bream and tuna can give higher moisturizing effect and firmness and elasticity of the skin. compared to a single collagen raw material.


Caviar condensed active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, retinol. Since the structure of Caviar
is like human skin, it has features that are familiar to the skin.
It is said that abundant amino acids and antioxidant ingredients contained in Skin Caviar Extract, which is made by condensing
the cosmetic ingredients of caviar, exerts a high effect on the reduction of dry skin and elasticity due to aging.
Caviar is a high-quality nutritious beauty ingredient and is preferred by many Hollywood celebrities.